Is Assisted Suicide Coming to Michigan?

This handout provides a brief introduction to the physician-assisted suicide package of bills that were introduced in the Michigan legislature. It addresses Michigan’s history with assisted suicide and provides basic answers to common questions about the practice. Click here for Spanish version.

Six Reasons to Oppose Legalizing PAS

This resource highlights six reasons why Michigan residents should oppose physician-assisted suicide. It addresses the dangers PAS poses to those experiencing mental health issues, terminal illness diagnoses, those with disabilities and veterans. Click here for Spanish version.

Communities of Color Reject Assisted Suicide

This resource gives an overview of how PAS could impact communities of color. It outlines polls from several other states that show what demographics have requested assisted suicide. It also addresses how assisted suicide would impact communities of color due to increasing healthcare discrimination.

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

This booklet includes important information and a durable power of attorney form to help ensure your rights and wishes as a patient are respected.

Doctor-Prescribed Suicide

This brochure gives an overview of the practice of doctor-prescribed suicide. It addresses questions about legality, oversight, threats to vulnerable patients and seniors, and its connection to euthanasia.

End of Life Care: Advanced Directives

This brochure explains various advanced directives options for patients. You may someday be unable to express your wishes regarding medical care; make sure you know which advanced directives provide patients the most protection.

End of Life Care: Positive Care or Euthanasia Pitfall?

This brochure clarifies several ethically confusing topics involving end of life care. It covers hospice, pain management, and medically-assisted feeding of food and water.

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